SNS is a signature nail system that involves dipping your natural nails into a powder that hardens onto your nail. It provides length over time (the longer you have them on allows your natural nail to grow underneath) this is great for nail biters. It is between a gel polish and acrylic as far as thickness goes but is still light weight on your nail. It is stronger than gel but lasts like acrylics. It allows for a more natural finish of your own nail. It doesn’t need a LED to cure it and it will not ruin your natural nails when done by our experienced technician .

Maintenance = 3 – 5 weeks

SNS full set overlays (60 min)

SNS full set with tips (70 min)

SNS refills (60 min)

$ 65.00

$ 75.00

$ 52.00

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are also known as false nails, artificial nails, nail wraps. These are a combination of using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. They can be applied direct to your own nail overlap or over tips. They create a hard and durable protective layer over your natural nail or tips.

Maintenance = 3 – 4 weeks

Full set overlay (60 min)

Full set tips (60 min)

Refills (60 min)

French full set (70 min)

French refills (60 min)

$ 65.00

$ 68.00

$ 52.00

$ 75.00

$ 59.00